Farm to School Project

Please don’t think me too self-centered, but I am so proud of our farm and how far we have come in just a few years.

Today, after work, I came home to harvest carrots that will premiere at Snowville Elementary School tomorrow as a part of a “Farm-to-School” project within the Pulaski County Public School (PCPS) system.

Carrot harvest

Carrot harvest

Thanks to a connection with Southwest Virginia Fresh (SO Fresh for short)…a regional all volunteer, non-profit dedicated to promoting local foods by linking producers and consumers together through networking, education and collaborations…our farm met with PCPS folks and got a plan in motion for participating in their Farm-to-School intiative.

The funding for this first phase revolves around planning and organizing, so we are THRILLED that product is actually being delivered for a tasting so soon.

So, yes, I am proud of our farm. I am proud of our hard work. One of our primary goals of even jumping into this field was to make healthy, fresh and delicious foods available to all. How cool is it to start with kids? To reinforce the importance of agriculture, responsible land use and good nutrition? To instruct our young neighbors on where their food (can) come from and how it is made? Besides, you haven’t reached nirvana until you’ve tasted an over wintered carrot…

I tell you what, we are living the dream! Thanks to SO Fresh and PCPS. We feel so privileged, and we cannot wait to deliver our carrots to their first tasting event!

Scrubbed with love

Scrubbed with love

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