Pig palace

This weekend, we’ve tackled more chores. The boys worked hard today on a new pig palace. Soon, Wilbur (our “don’t call me late for dinner, but don’t you call me dinner” pig) will be moved from his current pen on our neighbor’s property over to a new pen on our property. Our plan is to rotate Wilbur around the farm, to work the soil and improve our pasture.

Pig pen

Pig pen

Our goal is to train Wilbur to electric fencing and eventually have him be our method of tillage.

Roof trusses

Roof trusses

It’s a nice new pig palace, complete with a sunning deck. Tomorrow, the walls will go up. The roofing will be bright red metal, like our house. The pen will be pulled around the pasture by the truck along with movable hog panels (until he gets trained to electric fencing).

Can’t wait for Wilbur to get to his new digs.

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