Just got a song in my head and cannot get rid of it…which in most cases can be annoying, but in this case, I really don’t mind. It’s one of my favorite songs; fully of alliteration.

It came to me while I sat noshing on my dinner at my desk, gazing out the window. Rhythmic beats of the gutter dripping rain water on the metal roof below. Out the window, a hawk suddenly landed. If it were a little brighter out, I’d be posting a picture of him. Majestic! He stool fearless in the middle of the front yard, unfazed by rain. Glad I got to see him! Which led me to thinking of these lyrics…with a little poetic license…

Wordlessly watching she waits by the window and wonders, at the empty place outside (I’m thinking of my garden blank slate)

Heartlessly helping herself to her bad dreams, she worries, did she hear a goodbye (see ya winter)? Or even hello (hiya spring)?

Anyway. Those aren’t the real lyrics to Helplessly Hoping, but they are my twisted version to apply to gardening.

What exactly is going on right now? Well, a little of nothing, a bit of waiting, a lot of anticipation…and in between…some tillage, some list making, some plans of attack, and some seed starting.

Here is what is in the works: over 5 thousand onion starts, over 4 hundred leeks, over 4 hundred cabbages (with 400 more to go), bed prep for more asparagus, and fingers crossed for a dry weekend so some serious garden work can happen.

Tilling in spring weeds
Tilling in spring weeds

I love spring.


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