Weekend weather swings

We’ve been having some recent ups and downs in our weather. Anything from blustery, below zero conditions to absolutely sunny and pleasant. Oddly enough, very little, if any, snow so far.

It has been strange…exciting…and confusing.

Ice crystals

Ice crystals

On one of the blustery weekends, we had some freezing rain that persisted throughout the day on all of the trees, creating a cool, crystalline world.

The sun would peak through the clouds and the trees would just SPARKLE. Our little phone photos didn’t quite capture the effect, but you will hopefully get the idea.

Light ray

Light ray

Fast forward to this past weekend, and we enjoyed sunshine a temps in the low to mid 60s. Yes, sixties! Trees are starting to bud out (worrisome for the fruit trees), daffodils are peeking through the soil…it is almost mid-February and some things are getting a little confused.

Sun bathing

Sun bathing

Could be an interesting growing season. May be a drier one…

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