Who buys what?

Ever wonder what your peers buy? What others shop for at a market?

As a beginning farmer, I am fascinated by what people purchase, and admittedly, I use such information to help shape my next season’s crop plan.

So….our market data are all entered, and here is the summation of our two market seasons in terms of our top 10 (and then some) “best” sellers.

2013                                            2014

1. Beans                                     1. Lettuces

2. Cabbages                               2. Beans

3. Cukes                                     3. Beets

4. Beets                                      4. Onions

5. Lettuce mix                            5. Kale

6. Carrots                                   6. Carrots

7. Kale                                        7. Cabbages

8. Potatoes                                 8. Squashes

9. Tomatoes***                          9. Peppers (hot and bell)

10. Onions                                10. Potatoes


11. Greens                                11. Tomatoes***

12. Hot peppers                      12. Cukes

13. Bell peppers                      13. Mesclun

14. Squashes                           14. Cherry tomatoes

15. Lettuces (head)                15. Radishes

***our main crop tomatoes succumbed to blight two years in a row or they might have been in the top 5.

Do these results surprise you?

What is it that you look for each season? Your “must have” item?

Crop planning for 2015 is underway. Now is your chance to have a say.

Thanks for your interest…

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