Not shopping today

Today, we are NOT out shopping.

We took a brisk walk around our pasture earlier in the day.

We fed “Wilbur” the pig and gave him some more dry bedding.

We sorted through green bell peppers, poblano peppers, and other mixed hot peppers that have been in storage….throwing spoiled ones on the compost heap and bringing the good ones inside to work on preserving them.

We ate Thanksgiving leftovers for………………….ahem………..breakfast. Yes, breakfast.

We watched a story about aquaponics on PBS…while eating our leftovers.

We looked up some recipes online. Thinking of a risotto for dinner (soft food diet – might as well be spectacular).

We took another walk, this time the long way around our neighbor’s pasture then ours.

View from neighbor's pasture
View from neighbor’s pasture

Still a brisk walk, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Full out joyful run
Full out joyful run

There is some melting underway, so the crusty snow from the morning is a little slushier (FloJo prefers the slushy over the icy). The sun is out. The birds are singing. It’s all better than the best bargain!

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