The first significant snow of 2014

Just back to the farm from being in town to find this:

2014 first snow

2014 first snow

Row covers are flattened. Metal hoops are down or bent. Some fiberglass hoops have snapped, tearing the row covers.

After sweeping

After sweeping

It was a wet snow. Temp is now 39 degF. Melting has begun, but the weight of it all is too much for the simple row covers. I tried to sweep some off, but it was a bit much. It will just have to be as it is.

Snow isn’t a bad thing for a garden. It is actually insulating and protective to the growing plants. Provides good moisture.

Snow is NOT good for light season extension equipment. Time. Money. Effort. Bleh.

Oh well. Our minimalist try at season extension wasn’t ideal from the start. We’ll still have deliciousness we can dig out and enjoy, but our market season, for sure, is over.


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