Radio silence

Sorry for the long “radio” silence. Awkward and disappointing…my apologies.

It has been a rather hectic end to the market season, and surprisingly, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. (How did that happen?)

The farm “to-do” list hasn’t shortened. Nope. The only thing short around here is time and daylight. How in the world am I to get everything mulched when it is dark by 5:30pm? When will I get these garlic cloves planted if the ground stays frozen? What will our days be like when our pig and heifer move out here?

The other interesting dilemma at the moment is the fact that I still have half of the garden producing…but I am hesitant to market anything. Huh? Well, if I go to harvest anything in the morning, odds are that it will be frozen (despite being under row covers). Solid. If I go to harvest anything in the evening, the same thing could be faced. Wacky.

At any rate, I remain hopeful that this weekend will be very productive…that I will get the lovely garlic cloves in the ground and tucked in for winter. That I will finish cleaning out the dead summer plants from the main garden. That all bare ground will be covered with the new straw that just got delivered over the weekend….and that all the producing items will be lovingly mulched so as to make it possible to even pick them!

Have any weekend plans? Are you bored? Tired of being cooped up inside? It’s actually supposed to be decent on Saturday. Come on out. I am sure we could find something for you to do! 🙂


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