Making the mad dash

I am so very grateful for an understanding boss and for friends and family who love and support our farming efforts!

It was a mad mad dash today. Winter arrives…….TONIGHT! The folks came out and pulled all the pepper plants, picking off all hot and bell peppers in order to save them from the impending arctic blast. I left work early to try and get the rest of the productive beds covered with row covers to help decrease chill injury. Ideally, I also would’ve mulched the heck out of all the beds with a comfy, thick layer of straw. Of course, as is typical with my part-time farming adventure, I am usually late enacting what I want to do. No one’s fault. It is just life and how it works out.

At least these beauties are tucked in and have a better shot of withstanding the rain, snow flurries, and blustery winds that are forecasted for tonight and tomorrow. (Wind chill in the 20s? Seriously? Oh boy).

Bok choi

Bok choi

Red choy

Red choy

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