End of our official market season…so what’s next

It is, indeed, the end of our official market season. I’ve emptied all the market gear out of my truck (Wow! It’s so roomy), put away some of the processing supplies, entered all the sales data.

So…what happens now?

Well, the garden is a living, breathing being, of course, so work will continue to maintain what is actively producing for as long as we can (the hope is through the winter, but that may be a challenge without any tunnels/hoop houses), to clean up what is finished producing, and keep working to prepare the garden for next year. Yep. We always try to think ahead.

Aside from that, there will be a little time to catch our breath and partake of some of this:

Oak Island

Oak Island

Yes…we are eagerly anticipating a beach trip. What a treat to have a little down time, a little personal time. It’s invigorating.

Then, we have to take care of things like this:



How often do you come home from work to a stack of new tires waiting for you at your door? Well, this day and age I guess it happens pretty often. Merry Christmas to the farm truck.

Then, there will be a lot more (gonna try anyway) of this:

Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets

Canning, freezing, dehydrating…all that good stuff so that we can keep eating ALL THAT GOOD STUFF!!!!

In the meantime, even though we won’t be trekking here and there, we’ll keep rolling with on farm sales. Need or want anything, just give us a shout. And many sincerest thanks to all the folks who stopped by our stands this season. We appreciate the support and loved the camaraderie!


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