Market Updates

Well, it certainly feels like fall, doesn’t it? In accordance with this official change of seasons, many of the summer crops have been removed and the ground has been readied for (hopefully) a lush growth of cover crops.

Though things like cucumbers, tomatoes and summer squashes have come and gone, we do have some cool season crops starting to kick in. Ready to harvest are lettuce mesclun, mustard mesclun, arugula, Swiss chards in addition to our usual carrots, beets, peppers, cherry tomatoes and potatoes.

Hot peppers
Hot peppers

So, to update our market schedule, here is so info:

  • Today is our last market at Warm Hearth Village. We truly have enjoyed our time there and are grateful to the resident and staff support shown to us. We look forward to coming back in the spring!!!


  • Saturday, I will be at the South Main Street Blacksburg Community Farmer’s Market. I’ll be there the following Saturday, too. October 4th will mark our last market there for this fall.


  • Tuesday, October 7th from 4-8 we will be at the Pulaski Harvest Craft Fair event at the old train depot, our final formal market appearance!

As always, you can give us a call or come out to the farm. Hope to see you soon!

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