I stayed in town last night and decided to treat myself to a relaxed, leisurely walk to work this morning by first stopping at Mill Mountain Coffee for a fully caffeinated boost (and a pound of ground beans to savor at home) followed up with a random hike through campus.

My stroll happened to take me by a place very dear to my Virginia Tech heart…so I had to detour for just a few minutes to visit as it had been a loooong while since my last…

Did you know that Virginia had a state rock?

Here it is…

Unakite details
Unakite details

Aaaahhh. The geology museum. Second floor Derring Hall. I spent a lot of time in this space when I was an undergrad. It’s peaceful….and full of beautiful things. For some reason, since childhood, I have loved rocks. I guess it goes back to liking sparkling, shiny things!


I even got to take a free “lucky” rock. That made my day. Coffee and a pretty, shiny rock.

Happy Friday from your VT nerd.


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