Harvest meal – the way to celebrate a birthday!

We enjoyed a family meal today to celebrate a special birthday and a bountiful harvest. Thanks to our super-fantastic intern who stopped by and helped make green tomato salsa (recipe will be in a separate post)

IMG_2015.JPG and picked wild blackberries for this crisp

IMG_2013.JPG to go with the fresh peach crisp. Awesome and thanks, Mags.

We also enjoyed this

IMG_2017.JPG our first Ambrosia corn harvest along with stuffed peppers

IMG_2012.JPG – stuffed with onions, basil, garlic, cream cheese and cheddar cheese. The Hungarian hot wax were unbearably hot. The jalapeño and Feherozon were good! All of these goods were a complement to spareribs and sauerkraut salad mom brought and the main act of smoked wild-caught salmon (from Annie Kay’s)


IMG_2018.JPG IMG_2019.JPG

IMG_2020.JPG Exactly, Franklin!

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