Fungus among us

It’s been a long radio silence. Not sure how that happened. Guess we’ve been busy!

Our markets have been rolling. The summer crops have kept us active with heady harvests (100 lbs of cucumbers on one harvest day). And the weather forced us inside to work on canning projects – dill pickles, pickled beets, canned beans, and pickled peppers. Yum! We had 5 days of solid rain that sent us inside…made for a soggy market – and – though we needed the rain – it was a bit much.

The result? Some veggies loved it (beets and carrots are going crazy) and some veggies didn’t like it at all.

Here’s what squash plants look like after 5 days of stead rain (and below normal temps):

IMG_2004.JPG Here’s what cucumber plants look like:

IMG_2005.JPGHmmmm. Harvests will be ending sooner than expected. Mildew.

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