So, we have our first livestock…a piglet. Our friends and neighbors built a pen and asked if we wanted to join them in purchasing a piglet to finish out and fill our freezer. We gave it a little thought and were excited about the prospect of having our first livestock…even if it wasn’t on our property.

So, we bought a pig…but after a little more thought, unlike the others who signed on for this adventure, we chose a female gilt. Why? Well, in case I name her of course.


Well, if I name her, odds are that she will never make it to our chest freezer. Yep. We are soft that way. Plan B is her temporary name. Meaning, if we cannot foresee her being in our freezer, we can get her bred and raise other piglets for sale (or for our freezer…as long as they don’t have names.



She loves our cucumbers.


She’s kinda cute.


Plan B.

3 thoughts on “Piglets

  1. Circe, of course, and then she will turn men into swine and you’ll have lots more stock. All stupidity aside, however, Bea is the perfect name. Betcha she lives. Don’t reread Charlotte’s Web.

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