Plantings and volunteers

It is so cool to see some of the first-ever-done-before-by-PTHF-plantings coming in this season.


Well, this year is my first real foray into flowers. Ok, I didn’t go wild.  I just planted some zinnias and a mix of sun flowers….and both rows are starting to open up!

Farmscaping, yes. The pollinators are happy this year. But so is the gardener. The colors, textures, shapes and sizes are all so different and cool. Not a money maker. Nope. It is a morale booster. It’s just pretty! Look:

First sunflower blossom
First sunflower blossom

I’ve already gushed about the zinnias. They are a rainbow of colors. Love ’em.

Aside from these purposeful plantings, though, we have volunteers alllllll over the garden. And all of those spontaneous additions are starting to make themselves known, too. Like this guy…

The largest sunflower I have EVER SEEN!!!!
The largest sunflower I have EVER SEEN!!!!

I am 5’2″ people. That volunteer sunflower is at least 30 feet tall. Ok. May be not. But it’s close! It’s neighbor isn’t too shabby either.

Anyway. It is fun to see the tomatoes, corn, sunflowers, pumpkins, and other volunteers pop up any and everywhere. They may not be planned, but they are most welcome additions indeed!

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