Pico de gallo – salsa fresca

Tuesday was a super busy day with lots to harvest and prep for market. It’s that time of year when plants are really starting to produce…kinda all at once! Not a bad problem to have in a market garden. Nope. But when summer interns show up ( i.e. free labor) to help, it turns a busy day into a glorious day.

So, to celebrate, one really must EAT! With thanks to the hard working crew, who allowed me to have time for lunch, we made a fresh salsa (pico de gallo or salsa fresca).

I harvested 2 pints of yellow cherry tomatoes, our first ripe tomatoes from….a volunteer plant (year 2 for showing up and being wild…and the healthiest plant we have…as in the only one to survive last year’s blight). Anyway, I just quartered the tomatoes.

Next, some onion, garlic, a jalapeño and chopped cilantro.

20140723-182019-66019958.jpgThis dish is the main reason I grow cilantro.

20140723-182125-66085990.jpg A pinch of salt if ya like. (Some add a squeeze of lemon or lime…I forgot). Give it a good mix…

Grab some chips and watch it disappear.

All ingredients were from the garden. A great snack after working…in the garden! 🙂

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