Growing area progress

The boys have been hard at it the past few weekends. Dad has continued to find great deals on doors and windows that he and Jordan have installed in our future growing area. The remaining work includes: putting up plastic or clear corrugated panels to cover the gaps, leveling the floor and bringing in gravel (eventually will concrete), and changing out some of the roof panels for clear panels. Here are some photos:

Western view - sliding door and window
Western view – sliding door and window
Southern view
Southern view

The next area in the works is the indoor processing area. This part was the closed-in garage. We removed the paneled garage door and covered the opening with a tarp for many weeks…until Dad got this door for us:

Processing area
Processing area

The guys installed this door. The big gap will be framed in and filled with a window; smaller gaps will be covered with siding. On the right side (where the opening is) will be counter tops, a 3 bay sink, a drying area etc. for processing our goods. On the left hand side is the walk-in fridge. Next on the task list is running water and power to the garage for the growing and processing area. THEN, we’ll work on getting that cold room up and running with a cool bot system! How huge having these two areas up and running will be!!! We are getting there…..

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