The Bottom

The bottom. That’s what I am calling the newly tilled part because, well, it’s at the bottom of our pasture.

Today, I worked in the bottom.

20140608-181732-65852858.jpgWhat’s shown here are the 10′ x 10′ plots I’ve laid out. There are ten of those plots. In each plot are 15 mounds, each about 4″ high and 18″ in diameter. These 10 plots are going to contain The Three Sisters plantings ( corn, beans and squash interplanted. The corn is planted first in alternating mounds.

20140608-182113-66073637.jpgCompost added to tops of corn mounds.

I planted Ambrosia, a deliciously sweet bi-color. Four seeds go into each mound, spaced 6″ away in each direction (forms a square). When the corn is about 4″ high the beans and squash will be planted. The beans are planted in the corn mounds. The squash has its own mound. I will be planting am heirloom bean, a pink greasy bean that is a pole bean (will climb the corn). The squashes will be winter squashes and pumpkins.

20140608-182629-66389573.jpgAah. Shade.


20140608-182828-66508981.jpgMy farm crew.

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