With a LOT of help…

With a lot of help from my friend, Maggie, the rest of the peppers, squashes, cucumbers and herbs got planted on Tuesday while I prepped for market.

Yep. I am weeks late getting these things in the ground. That seems to be the norm for me (day job makes farming more challenging).

So, having an extra pair of hands was/is HUGE. Mags even tackled weeding of the carrots….and still had a smile on her face. Such a hard worker! And a happy one. What a fun day.

Though we love this farm, the hard work and the challenge of starting this business, have no doubt that we wouldn’t make it without the support of friends and family!

20140606-064340-24220233.jpg Turtle

As always, thanks to all for your interest and backing! It truly is appreciated.

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