What the picture says…


Completely ignoring the filthy man-hand, what does this picture say to you?

Ok, ok. Ridiculous question.

Let me give a little background. What is happening here is seeding (a little late, but it is getting done) of some rows that, hopefully, will become lush with delicious carrots. The container, in my filthy man-hand, holds the organic, pelleted carrot seeds (Johnny’s Selected Seeds). This container holds around 5,000 seeds.

What this picture tells me is that our filthy little man-hands (Jordan has them, too!) have carefully, lovingly, placed THOUSANDS of carrot seeds into our earth, 5 rows per bed, with seeds about an inch apart. Whoop! Come on germination!!!!

2 thoughts on “What the picture says…

    1. Hi! These are soooooo very nice (so are the lettuce ones). They are totally worth the extra dollar (that’s it…a dollar difference in cost). Coating is clay. I had very good success with germination last year and am intently watching this year….got a slight crusting, but the previously planted seeds seem to be starting to push through.

      Thanks again for checking us out. Hopefully, you are having good weather in Arkansas!

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