Market day – May 20th in Pulaski

To begin with, my apologies. See, it is quick and easy to post photos, via the iPhone, to Facebook. Here’s the kicker…whenever I post something on this WordPress site, it automatically posts to PTHF’s Facebook page. Whenever I post something to FB, nothing happens here on the website. I have tried to figure out why the one way action, but it has been to no avail (I’ll keep looking, though). So, my  apologies to folks who are tuned in to our FB page and already saw these snapshots. You will find this post very redundant. I still want to share the photos on the blog though, because, well, I like photos!

So, here it goes. A pictorial summary of our first market day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a beautiful day and great opening night in Pulaski. Tons of delicious food (Bull & Bones, Lewis Gale Hospital, plus lots of vendor creations). Fun, fantastic music. Refreshing beverages. AND oodles of vendors. We wrap around the train depot now! Consider coming out next Tuesday. It’s a great community gathering spot.

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