We seem to be rolling right into summer with these warm days and subsequent daily threat of afternoon showers.

20140512-202702.jpgClouds at sunset

The weeds sure are going strong; I already feel months behind and a tad (read a lot) overwhelmed. But – no whining allowed. Instead, here is a note of what is going on around us at the moment.

The wild cherry/choke cherry trees are starting to bloom. Peonies are up and near bursting with blooms. Our irises are in bloom.

Yellow irises

Yellow irises

Mowing the grass is now a definite weekly chore (love the smell). In the pasture: the unmowed grass is going to seed (orchard grass, blue grass, etc.); vetch is starting to bloom but not the red clover yet; dandelions have gone to seed while buttercups are abundant and in full bloom.

Around the house, a small rhododendron bush has bloomed though the lilacs and roses have not.

Around the shed and fence lines, bindweed and poison ivy are thriving (unfortunately). Crane flies are out. At the same time, stink bugs have completely taken over our house. Yuck. Finally, our catalpa (aka Catawba or monkey tail or cigar) trees are starting to leaf out. Any exciting nature news where you are?


  1. Beautiful scenes! We just killed a stink bug that was flitting around inside a silk lamp shade. Yuck indeed.

  2. D killed the first potato bug/beetle today. 😦
    Stinkbugs are overrunning the place, here too. And carpenter bees.
    On the positive side, we have been harvesting lettuce, asparagus, radishes, and KALE! What a wonderful time of year!

    1. Oh. I forgot about them. I killed a few last weekend along with harlequin beetles and asparagus beetles 😦 Our kales and Asian greens are starting to come on. I envy your eats!

  3. Curious: do you have pee OH nees or PEE oh nees? We have both in New Castle just on the verge of blooming. First rose has bloomed in last day or two. Just noticed rattlesnake weed has popped out this past weekend. Jack is out but not yet preaching. I have a soft spot for the stink bug. I think they are way cool looking.

    1. Hey! A SAT day. Welcome back. We DO have peonies, but they are strictly teasers. I swear they’ve been blooming for months, but the refuse to open up! What is rattlesnake weeds? I love jacks! I don’t love stink bugs!

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