What the heck is this stuff?

When I see this plant, I am enraged. This stuff has invaded our asparagus something fierce this year. Jordan and I waged an all out war. I call it prickly lettuce, but does anyone know what it really is?

Sow thistle?

Sow thistle?


20140503-205945.jpgSee how it has covered the asparagus? No longer – this last bit was yanked up this morning.

UPDATE – the word on the street is that this vile weed is sow thistle. Grrr.


  1. We have this in Cincinnati, too. Hurts like heck when those nasty little stickers get through work gloves. I think it is a nettle of some sort. It spreads, as you have seen, and loves to hang out in densely planted lilly beds where it is hard to dig out. I hate it, too. Roundup would work, I guess, but it is always too close to other desirable plants and I hate to use too much poison. Good luck, and if you find a good method of eradication please let me know.

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    1. So far our plan of attack was using the broadfork on the paths and sides of the asparagus mounds along with hand weeding asparagus crown area. Next, we’re gonna cover the area heavily with cardboard and straw in hopes of suffocating all others that try to pop up. If that doesn’t work, we may have to move to plastic mulch.

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