Be careful how you dig!!!

There is a god-awful variety of weed, a kind of prickly lettuce, that, literally, is invading one of our asparagus beds. It has a pretty long root system, so Jordan had the good suggestion of trying to broadfork-obliterate the stuff. So, I went at it. Broadforking worked well for the path, nearly lush with the creeping crud, followed by careful hand weeding done around the asparagus crowns. Soon, thick layers of cardboard and straw will be laid down to suffocate any others.

But that really isn’t the point of this post. The point of this post is to be careful HOW you dig and be aware of WHAT you dig – yes, to watch out for asparagus roots…but also for happenings like this:


Garden toad
Garden toad

I dug up a toad!!! How cool to have this guy in the garden. He was cold and very sleepy, so we tucked him back in to his earthen home, hopefully, unbothered by being surfaced.

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