Happy Easter

Happy Easter, everyone. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Hope all were able to enjoy it!

We had a busy weekend full of spreading compost, planting bed prep, planting, row cover repair and other tasks.

Mom helping plant carrot seeds

Mom helping plant carrot seeds

Of course, we also enjoyed a feast with family, friends and furry companions. After our delicious meal, we filled plastic eggs with treats, hid the eggs and released the hounds. Each year these dogs get better and better! Yes, we are weird, but it is great fun and the dogs get jazzed about it.

After the eats and eggs, after folks said their goodbyes, it was back to work for Jordan and me. Big task for the afternoon – installing our package of bees. Yep, we’re trying again this year. Here are our bees and our new hive:

20140420-212020.jpgOur new top bar hive, made of cedar; built by my dad

20140420-212054.jpgOur sugar water feeder

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