FloJo and the Carpenter Bee

FloJo discovered bees this weekend…carpenter bees. These bees are big and fuzzy and like to hover. The last part is what caught FloJo’s attention:

Hello. What's that?

Hello. What’s that?


I'll get you my pretty

I’ll get you my pretty

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough with my iPhone photography to capture the complete 360 degree flip that FloJo did… in mid-air…JUST missing the bee with gnashing teeth, and landing solidly on all four feet after the acrobatic rotation. She had some impressive air time.

Next time. Next. Time.

Next time. Next. Time.

See, post rotation. On all fours. Hope that I’ll be able to capture it next time, too. Circus dog.


  1. I can relate, though our Chula doesn’t do any gymnastics….just the barking, running and gnashing of teeth. You really educate me, I assumed it was a bumblebee….but the insect here also hovers. Never really thought about the hovering until I read your post! 🙂

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