The Wonder dogs got skunked this morning. Around 2am. A lap through the house before being nabbed has the whole house skunked, too. It was only a matter of time. We’ve been living life on the edge here for over 2 years now by not having a vat of Skunk Off on hand.

Franklin for certain is the guilty one, blasted on his right cheek near his eye where it is difficult to clean. FloJo is clear. I think. I’m too congested to know for certain whether she has second hand or primary stink (her behavior of being 50 paces behind and NOT leading the charge would make me believe that Franklin is 100% stink).

I only had Dawn, baking soda and white vinegar on hand. I am pretty sure that they didn’t work. No. Despite congestion, I KNOW the mix didn’t work. A direct result of this deskunking failure is that I now stink, too. At any rate, I gave up the fight at 2:40am, tired of bathing a sad, scared dog.

Best not to worry about how bad EVERYTHING stinks until people who can smell can tell me. So…let’s have happy thoughts. Like these…

A gift from Jordan – my newest bird feeder, the Red Rooster, hanging out in the pear tree

20140413-082107.jpg A close up of a pear tree blossom

20140413-082201.jpg Peach tree blossoms

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