Fruit varieties

Here are the berry varieties we purchased from Pulaski County Cooperative Extension:


  • Triple Crown
    • thornless blackberry; from “Triple Crown is named for its three attributes; flavor, productivity and vigor. This very hardy variety offers two other attributes; disease resistance and very large berries. The thornless blackberry ripens for about one month from end of July thru August. Semi-erect, the canes can be trellised or pruned in summer to an easy picking height of 42″. Does well on East and West Coasts and to Homestead, Florida. Space @ 5′ circle or 5′ apart in prepared garden beds 5′ wide. Zones 5-9.”
  • Heritage
    • raspberry; from “Heritage Everbearing Raspberry is a favorite for its flavor, firmness, and large fruit size. This bush has two harvest seasons with a moderate yield in July and heavy yield in September until frost. Self-pollinating, dark red raspberry that spreads fast and produces a crop in the first year. Extra-sweet, juicy fruit that is good fresh, canned or frozen. A hardy plant doing well in the cold climates where other raspberry may not grow. Self supporting. 5′ to 6′ tall. (zones 3 – 9)”

Blueberries – descriptions are from

  • Climax
    • Early ripening, produces medium-size berries with sweet flavor. Plants are upright with intense green
      foliage. One of the very best for harvesting.
  • Premier
    • Early to mid-season, large fruit. Excellent flavor, light blue in color and good quality. Plants are upright
      with good foliage. Highly productive.
  • Tifblue
    • Plants are upright and vigorous growers. Berries are medium to large, light blue and of good quality.
      Mid-season in ripening. For fall leaf color, Tifblue rates as the best ornamental.
  • Centurion
    • Mid to late season ripening. Medium to large good quality fruit, darker in color than most rabbiteye.
      Plants are generally upright, easy to manage.

Tip for blueberries – “It is recommended that two or more varieties of blueberries be planted together to assure higher yields and better quality fruit. For commercial plantings, other specifications may be followed. Whereas cross-pollination will help increase production, the actual yield will also be partially dependent upon size and vigor of the plant.”

When I picked these bareroot plants up yesterday, I was told that there were extra plants still available. Blueberries and brambles are $5.00 per plant. This plant sale is a fund raiser for Pulaski County 4H youth programs. Here is their contact info if you might be interested….the plants need homes by Monday because they are bareroot and need to be planted (or placed in soil medium) ASAP:

Pulaski Virginia Cooperative Extension

143 Third Street, NW – Suite 3

Pulaski, VA 24301





    1. Oh that is too bad. Sorry to not be of help to you! May be the Arkansas Pulaski locale needs a similar fund raiser! 🙂 Thanks for checkin’ in on us. Cool to know we’ve met someone in Arkansas!

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