Thinking about the markets? I sure am!

I know I know…it is a challenge to think about any Farmer’s Markets today what with snow falling from the sky and the ever-greening grass disappearing from sight beneath the white.

BUT….I am excited to tell you that market season IS approaching.

  • Seems like forever ago that we were at the train depot in Pulaski, but the good news is that soon we will be back there, enjoying the music, drink, good eats and great friends every Tuesday night beginning May 20th.
  • Also in the works is our return to the Blacksburg Community Farmer’s Market located on South Main Street. We are still awaiting word from that group, so stay posted. If all goes well, we will be at that market on Saturdays, starting in May.
  • Finally, we are pleased to be joining the efforts of the Village Gourmet located at Warm Hearth Village (WHV) to offer a farmer’s market to residents and all members of the local community. This market is planned for Thursday evenings and will feature good eats, drinks and music to welcome in the end of the work week!

Please keep watch of the “Market Schedule” section (right side of the web page just above the calendar) for announcements of all market dates, times, locations and any up-coming events. Additionally, in keeping with our mission to make delicious and nutritious food widely available to all, we have completed that application process for SNAP/EBT equipment. We will update you on the status of our application once it is known. We have high hopes that we will be successful in this endeavor and will be very pleased to add this layer of service!!!!

Now back to up-coming events for a moment…I’ve one I’d like to announce that is coming up in May. We’ll be collaborating with WHV and the Village Gourmet to help support their NRV ECO EXPO happening at the WHV Village Center, a spectacular venue, on May 10th from 10am-4pm. This event highlights sustainable living in our region. Check it out, there will be a lot of cool things going on for everyone:




Here’s to spring and the coming market season!!!




  1. Your evening markets sound like so much fun. I wish we had some evening market options around here, I’d much prefer that to getting up before the crack of dawn! Hope it’s a great season for your farm.

    1. I share your thought. Working full time puts a damper on things garden related…but the evening markets are worth the efforts. They are a blast. The music, food and tastings make it a destination spot. We made lasting friendships with our customers as a result of the fact that many of them came…and STAYED. Such a different vibe from the stand sort of deal. As hard as y’all work, it would be nice for you to have such an option! Speaking of hard work, y’all have been at it again! Thanks for the well wishes and right back at ya…though I have no doubt great things are ahead for you both. PS – went to Gavin’s talk at the Richmond conference in January, but I regret not finding the both of you at the end to introduce myself and say hi. Next time!

      1. The relationships and the appreciation from the customers are what makes all the hard work worth it. That’s interesting about the evening markets. Saturday customers are usually in a rush and we don’t generally have time for even a short conversation. Yeah, we’ll have to meet next conference! I was not at Gavin’s talk… there were so many options it was hard to choose at each session!

        1. You are right about the interactions making it worthwhile! Seems to me that your area is a prime location for a sort of destination type market. Might be worth putting a bug in someone’s ear! You would enjoy it, no doubt!

          Until the next conference or other common location – keep warm and have quick snow melt! Cheers

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