Projects…just a few

Though little has been written here lately (sorry about that everybody), quite a bit has been going on. Namely – construction projects.

I don’t have pictures yet, but Jordan has been working hard on repurposing a bay of our garage into a growing area (it has a south facing wall). What a plus it will be to have that space out at the farm! I’ll post photos soon.

We’ve purchased straw round bales for the garden. Unfortunately, they are in Vinton and will have to be hauled in, but the fact is there is no straw locally. Too wet a summer, I think. At any rate, I brought back a bale in the truck, and we rolled it out. Now the asparagus beds are mulched (finally), and we have just over half the garden mulched. Here are our helpers:

20140323-174706.jpg FloJo jumping on the bale while it was rolling with Franklin bedding down in the background

20140323-174929.jpg Queen of the bale

Meanwhile, back in town, dad has been super busy the past few weekends. He helped install the door and window in the hoop house. Then he took out two raised beds that were in the hoop house for room. In place of those beds, dad built two planting tables for mom. I just transplanted some greens and onions in one of the tables. Take a look:

20140323-175307.jpg Greens just planted

Of course, winter weather is on its way. So the table is also protected with a row cover.

20140323-175526.jpg A peak through the hoop house door at the covered table

Finally, dad has done a tremendous job building the farm a brand new top bar beehive out of red cedar. Look at this thing of beauty:


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