Snow days

Well, it turns out we had a fair piece of snow in Blacksburg – around 20″ or so. I am sure the farm had a similar total (hoping to dig out from here and check out the farm tomorrow). All in all. I’m glad that I took the row covers down and put things away.

So, here are some photos from our snow days in town, some I posted on Facebook.

This photo was of the small hoop house we put up in the backyard with a bit of snow weight in the middle.

Here it is after some careful snow removal. Jordan had a good point – luckily, we made this house with PVC so it sprang right back to its original form. Not sure metal ribs would’ve done the same.

The Tanner Wonder Dogs enjoyed the white stuff.

Today was beautiful. So, with a mild case of cabin fever, we moved our operation outside…to tackle this:

Shell in’ some beans for these beauties:

Cowpeas…aka Southern peas, or black-eye peas. Whatever you want to call them, you best include delicious in the descriptions. These are Dixie Lee peas.

Aaa. My helper.


See? Huge help.

Tomorrow (or Sunday), we’ll see what the farm looks like, blaze some trails, and do some sledding. Fun!

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