Severe weather event – or some such

So the local meteorologists are all hot and bothered, preening and beaming with self-importance over a named winter storm, heading in a northeasterly direction (Pax – a pax on you) with the offerings of a “significant weather event.” Hmmm. I’ve read forecasts if snow ranging from 1″ to greater than 16″! Guess time will tell.

In the meantime, I chose to prepare for significance and spent several hours at the farm yesterday taking down / putting away equipment before the impending crush. All I know is that 4-6″ of wet snow crushed several row cover support rods last year. Destruction costs money. Sixteen inches of wet snow sounded expensive…..

Deconstruction work

The garden readied for snow

Yes. A strange thing to be prepping for a significant weather event on such a pretty day!

I should also note that I had to do this work because I was sort of lazy….meaning I should’ve taken this equipment down weeks ago. This quarter of the garden where we were overwintering fall plantings got slammed by the subzero temps. The Red Russian and curly kales may recover, but they won’t be marketable. Same for the Sylvette and Dragon’s tongue arugulas. The Brussels Sprouts (Red Ball & Catskills) have done OK – we’ve been harvesting for personal eats. The remaining sprouts should be fine uncovered and under snow (they’ve been delicious by the way). What remains under cover (just laying flat on the plants) are spinach and lettuce varieties still holding on and our fall planted garlic (only the very tips of the leaves look nipped). Here’s hoping the snow insulates!

As a side note – I will be too busy for bread and milk if we see the amount of snow some are predicting? Are you kidding? It will be beautiful!!! And time to play. Bring it on Pax. (Just keep it safe everyone)

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