One man’s trash….

Clearly… another man’s (or woman’s) treasure.

This post is a representation of good fortune, good timing, or just the simple truth about how lucky we are that there are friends, acquaintances, and colleagues who care about what we do and want to see us succeed.

This photo I am about to share refers back to a brief mention in a previous post about a completed task (erection of a cold room). A cold room. I know….not exciting. But to growers a cold room is a salvation. It is a means of ensuring timely harvests and handling scenarios. The short of it is, that a cold room helps to keep things fresh until items hit the market stand(s). A cold room is a needed luxury…..and…though simple to construct….it can cost $3000 and up. Unless you have good fortune, good timing, and folks who care about what you are doing and want to see you succeed!

So….here is a photo of one man’s trash……and our new treasure……in its new home (ahem…half or more of our garage!):

Cold rooms

Cold rooms

Ah, the photo caption reveals a perk. This hunk of stuff destined for the dumpster was actually a walk-in cooler AND a walk-in freezer. So – instead of one cold room, we will have TWO cold rooms, allowing us to keep things at different temperatures (some produce prefer warmer storage temps).

What an amazing thing to happen! Relatively easy to rebuild, solid, sanitizable, roomy and essentially ready to roll. Having two rooms already built helps to shift our focus on the next step – air conditioning units and the nifty electronics (CoolBot ™) necessary to tick the A/C units to run at the needed temps. Plus…it saved us a ton of moolah.

Many continued thanks to those who care about us and for our good luck.

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