Braising greens…SOLD

It is an exciting time for us. I got a call last week from our first retail customer wanting some braising greens for a Friday night function. The chef is passionate about supporting a farm-to-table experience, and we are excited to be a collaborator.

And now we enter a new adventure in our production scheme…planning for retail sales. How cool is that? Of course, it is at this point that I will fret (as in freak out) about quality and quantity…that I will wish that I had more land under production….that I had my soil health and fertility in a better state…and that I was 15 years younger!

I will also wish that I had more time and money to make the other wishes true. Well, except for the last one I guess. Anyway, the challenge of a full-time day job coupled with the recent time change (meaning darkness at 6 o’clock) leaves little actual time to accomplish the “few” tasks on my TO-DO list. BUT – it also means that there’s light at 6 something in the morning. So, harvests are done in the mornings and for our first sale, greens were delivered super fresh Thursday morning. Fun. And for fun’s sake, I hope that we can sustain our greens operation well into January. They are delicious, and it is a nice feeling to have someone want our wares!

That’s our latest scoop. Now to watch the skies and see if any snow falls today or keeps away for a spell. (Keepawaykeepawaykeepaway. I am not ready. Where oh where has my Steelers hat gone? Keep away!)

Evidence of deer – it’s rutting season. Just keep clear of the garden!

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