More beach photos

Just because there is something about the beach that makes you want to share your photos with others…because it is peaceful and teaming with nature and interesting things to look at…and….well, it is just beautiful….I wanted to post a few more photos of one of our favorite beach destinations.

Beauty in motion

Beauty in motion

Great blue heron on the marsh side of the point (Long beach).

School of fish in the crest

School of fish in the crest

The water was so calm, clear and an amazing shade of green. In the crests of the small waves near shore, I became transfixed by the large schools of fish that were just visible before the crash. They seemed to like to ride the ridges of the wave crests.

And now, a series of photos of the sun setting….I have a video of it, too, which doesn’t do the process justice. It amazes me how fast the sun seems to disappear. I would post the video, because I am excited that I successfully posted a video in another post, but I don’t want to bore you with such things….unless you want me to!?!

Sunset 1

Sunset 2


Sunset 3





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