Killing frost…

So, while we were away, our region had its first killing frost. Temperatures, I am told by friends and neighbors, dipped down into the low 20s….and all the way down to 17 degrees F! That is pretty stinkin’ cold. 

The days since have been pleasant, if not lovely. Last night, however, another cold front began its migration through the mountains. With this front came some pretty impressive wind gusts (house rattling) through the night followed by a rainy morning. The sun is out and a breeze remains, but temps are very nice.

We’ve been busy since returning home and only had a cursory check of the garden. So. This weekend, my tasks are set. I will be going through and taking stock of what survived or got damaged by the frost, and I will have several row covers to repair or replace. Photos may be forthcoming so stay tuned to see how our last minute, quick prep for vacation worked.

Fingers and toes are crossed we still have some produce to carry us through until spring.

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