Frosty receptions

Clearly, the change of seasons is progressing. The amount of day light is decreasing. Leaves are changing to vibrant colors and are beginning to fall. And the local weather station has issued our first frost advisory.

So…we worked hard yesterday to prepare for the cooler nights. What does that involve? Well, some cultivating (weeding), some mulching (straw mulch) and the covering of our plants with row covers (the spun polymeric fabrics that will offer some wind and frost protection while allowing light, moisture and air exchange to occur).

It made for a busy Sunday, but it will be worth it to have continued harvests of greens, cabbages, lettuces and the like.

As an aside, two more artichokes were harvested and the last of the pears were canned. Phew.

Frost protection

Frost protection

Rows nicely tucked in for the night as our daylight wanes….

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