Punkin’ party

Punkin. That is what pumpkins were known to me as when I was a kid.

This weekend, we had us our second annual punkin party. A damp, drizzly party but a fun one nonetheless. Of course, this year, it was more fun cutting all the pumpkins (all the boys had their pocket knives and were told to cut all the fruits from the vines) than it was actually gathering pumpkins.

The pickin’ was followed by a post-game tailgate / mini-family reunion of sorts. Jordan created the best bonfire I have seen (except the one at TAMU). Impressive. Some folks even had room in their bellies for s’mores…..an hour later when we could get close to the coals.

Thanks to all who came, brought tons of food and went home with punkins!


The soft touch is revealed!


Cutting punkins off the vines


Searching for the one…


Found it.

20131015-074927.jpg 20131015-074950.jpg

The line up


The Gemini punkin


Bonfire with family

A great use for discarded pallets.

20131015-075137.jpg We kept migrating away from the intense heat!


Can’t roast marshmallows just yet!


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