Today’s game = where’s the red cabbage

Ok. Here is a sad little game similar to Where’s Waldo…it is called find the red cabbage. Give it a try….

Where's the cabbage?

Where’s the cabbage?\

Ok. Time’s up. Did you find it? Hard, isn’t it? Well, if you look beyond the rocks and weeds, you will see a little evidence that some red acre cabbage transplants once were there…they are just reduced to purple stems. Dang bugs. It is like the row covers aren’t even there…

Here is the problem:

Harlequin bug

Harlequin bug

This pretty little thing is a harlequin beetle larva, and it has lots of brothers and sisters all over my brassicas. It is related to the stink bug. This one is hanging out on some kohlrabi. Squashed seconds after this photo shoot. You can see the tell tale signs of other squashed relatives revealed by my green grody fingers.

004Another one on a broccoli leaf. You can see the damage it and others have done…the brown spots on the leaf. These little demons are sap suckers. They can eventually kill a plant (refer back up to the red acre image).

Grrrrr. They are pretty, vibrant colors and all have different patterns. But they do some damage. Squish.


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