One of those days

I am having one of those days. A day where what is say isn’t coming out correctly or smoothly. A day where I drop things. A day where what I touch seems fated to: a) make a mess, b) be wrong, or c) may break. A day where news I hear from others may have a sense of foreboding. Thus, a day where the hairs on the back of my neck seem on edge. A day that, though I should celebrate the arrival of the weekend, makes me think it might have been better spent lying in bed.


I am nearly halfway through the day. So, I take a quick break. A few deeps breaths, and I decide to share with you some pictures of this morning’s commute to work.

Today, I trekked through the upper quad. This area is the heart of our Corps of Cadets. It was quiet today, because I was pretty late starting my trek and everyone was well into their classes. Here are some sights from the upper quad area:

Ranger station
Ranger’s station
Lane Hall
Lane Hall
Lane – HQ
Monument near the flag
Monument near the flag
The bridge - gateway to campus
The bridge – gateway to campus

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