Thanks, Pulaski!!!

We had another enjoyable evening at the Pulaski Marketplace last night. It was very bittersweet for us…

Yesterday, likely, was our last day at the Pulaski market for the season (this Saturday will be our last day at the Blacksburg market, too).

See, we have entered an unplanned time in our growing season….our summer fare is waning while our fall plantings are just getting started. In other words, we are between seasons. I was supposed to have some overlap. Hmmm.

There is a chance that we MAY be back towards the end of September (market runs to Sept 24), but given the weird growing season we have had to date, I do not feel comfortable making any predictions. It is a weird place to be at the moment. The good news is that this will give us time to try to regain control of the garden and prepare for the cooler weather (cover crops, construction of hoop houses, mulching). The bad news is that we will greatly miss the friends we have made at this market….The vendors and our customers have become like family to us. We will miss these folks. Course, I make it sound like we are falling off the edge of the planet. We aren’t. In fact, we will still head to the market – only we won’t be selling, we will be buying…and hanging out. So…I am leaving the market schedule on the blog because it lets you know what is happening there. AND – I just might see you there for dinner, a taste of vino, and enjoyment of arts, music and fabulous vendors.

Thanks, Pulaski, for welcoming us so completely to your market. Many thanks to the Pulaski Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the Marketplace. The PCC crew has done an outstanding job of organizing and orchestrating a market that brings fun and vibrancy to the downtown Pulaski area. WELL DONE! Thanks to the other vendors for making our debut year so much dang fun. And many thanks to our customers. Y’all are the best and we look forward to serving up some even better produce next year.

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