I am sure y’all are tired of me posting photos of what we call “the point” – our hangout spot on the ridge in our pasture – but I love pictures (the taking and the viewing), and I just can’t get tired of the view or of the Wonder dogs’ shenanigans out in the field.

Around sunset time, we always venture out to the point for what I like to call “night crazies.” See, during or after dinner, the dogs usually nap. That means they are jacked up when they wake up. So – the night crazies are one last romp and roll by the dogs through the pasture so they’ll be good and tired when we call it a night. They seem to know it’s the last playtime of the day because they definitely enjoy it – lots of full sprints, chasing and wrasslin’.

Sunset out on the point

Night crazies – Flo looking for Franklin

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