What a beautiful day! I am lucky to get to enjoy snippets of it. Oddly for August, it feels a lot like fall. Low humidity. Cooler than usual temperatures. Clear skies. The air seems lighter and cleaner. The breeze is pure. Just lovely.

I am walking to work these days to my weekday job on campus. No, I am not trekking from Radford but from the in-town house (Blacksburg). The 25-30 minute stroll has been refreshing. I am starting to see an increase in campus activity. Last minute preparations by crews are in full swing. A few cadets are on campus preparing for the arrival next week of the new cadet class. Students are moving in to dorms already…resident advisors, I guess. Yep, the start of the semester is in the final countdown. Soon, thousands will descend upon this small, quiet town. So, it is best to enjoy the relative quiet while it is still here.

The morning walks are nice for helping me wake up and be ready for the day ahead. I pass by the beautiful Burruss hall and the solemn April 16th memorial. The afternoon walks are nice for decompressing and admiring the many cool things around me…trees, flowers, lighting, architecture, people heading to town. Here is a phone pic of one of the buildings I walk by on my way home.



Days like these make not having a parking pass a pure joy.

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