A fall experiment

Ok. So I finally got around to “planting” seed potatoes in hopes that we might have potatoes to harvest through the winter like we did last year. We have nearly harvested all of our current crop for market sales. We shall see how this little experiment goes.

I’ve put these potatoes out of the garden. It seems that the potato beetle has run its course, but no need to risk another beetle devastation. Plus, current garden space is occupied or reserved for fall crops.

Anyway, seed potatoes were cut to about two inch pieces with about two eyes per piece. This task was done – ahem – last Sunday. Yes, I know. It has been so damp and humid, the seed potato pieces never dried, they molded. Still, I had similar, even rotten pieces go vegetative in the composting area last year. It’s too late to give up now. So, I picked a spot out of the garden and along our neighbor’s fence line. Jordan mowed the strip yesterday; a close cut. Today, I laid down cardboard. Set out the seed potatoes around 12 inches apart atop the cardboard then thickly covered the with straw. I drove in tomato stakes around the potato perimeter then secured trellis netting to create an enclosure of sorts to keep the straw in. The plan is to keep piling on the straw to keep the potatoes mostly covered as they grow. This experiment is our straw garden potato patch (though many folks just put their seed spuds directly on the sod). Fingers crossed for some red Pontiac, Kennebec and Yukon gold taters!

Photo of the fence line potato patch

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