Blacksburg update

Politics is always such an emotional topic. That is why it is good to attend town meetings and do your best to stay informed.

I talked with Jordan about an hour ago as he was leaving the Blacksburg town council informational meeting. He learned a lot, it sounds like, and made connections. All in all, it sounds like the council is very much for expansion of the farmer’s market. However, there are no established guidelines for the current markets, for food trucks, for peddler sales (i.e. mobile sales from a vehicle like CSA distributions or other food products) and the like. So, some work needs to be done to protect all parties. The council did meet with folks involved with the new market prior its start, but the market group did not participate in the second meeting called by the town. It is a grassroots effort and likely awaits an official leader to emerge. Here’s to hoping both sides have open and productive communications in the coming days and weeks, leading to a quick and easy resolution.

I am proud of and thankful for my husband taking some time away from work to be civic minded.


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