Blacksburg debut

We had a great day at the new South Main Blacksburg Market. The new tent we purchased offers good shade, but it is definitely a two person job to put up! My dad came out to help with that adventure…..and stayed the whole day! It was cool to have him there. He did a great job arranging displays and helping customers bag veggies. Who is this man? Where did the quiet, wallflower guy go? FUN!

Blacksburg debut

Blacksburg debut

It also was very amazing to have so many friends and family stop by the stand. So good to see all of you! We also enjoyed meeting new friends who were at the market. Such a beautiful day to be out and about. Is it really August? So cool and comfortable, it is easy to forget it isn’t fall yet.

I have lived in Blacksburg since 1990 (had a small hiatus in the middle from 1999-2003). I moved from state to state all my young life. Blacksburg has been the one location I have lived the longest…ergo…it is home. One of the draws to join the Blacksburg Community Farmer’s Market was the chance to be active in our hometown. The other attractants are the good potential of the market and the positive mission the grassroots group has endeavored (

I hope that this market can keep providing its great items to the community. The vendors are experienced and have wonderful offerings. Several vendors still have stands at the downtown market. This second market shouldn’t be viewed as competition but as additional services. However, the write up in Sunday edition of The Burgs ( highlights the political nonsense that exists these days in our local governments (how can one market be violating zoning ordinances while the other isn’t?). It is challenge enough to work with Mother Nature to grow quality, nutritious produce much less to try and initiate a successful small business. How can it be a bad thing to bring shoppers to the south end of town AND to generate tax revenue? Especially when the feedback from customers at the market was strongly positive.

Jordan has plans to attend Tuesday’s Town Council meeting (11am @ the Planning and Building Office on Main Street) to hear what is discussed about the Market’s future (if anything….it isn’t on the agenda). If you feel passionate about farmer’s markets in the Radford and Blacksburg areas, be sure to voice your support to your respective town council members. Markets in these locations provide EXCELLENT services to their communities. Support your local growers and artisans…they work very, VERY hard at what they do….because they care about their communities!

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