New market – Blacksburg

Hi all.

Though we will miss our Radford market friends, we are excited to setup a stand at the new, Blacksburg Community Farmer’s Market this Saturday, August 3rd, from 8 to 3. Its location is: BLACKSBURG SQUARE, 1411  SOUTH MAIN STREET, in front of Oasis World Market.

We look forward to seeing all our Blacksburg friends and family as well as enjoying a little Steppin’ Out.

Come on out and hope to see you there!

A & J

Community market flyer


  1. Oh, sad to hear this! Are you going to be returning to the Radford Market next week? But glad you will get to try out the Bburg location and meet some new friends. We are going to check the new Bburg mkt on Wednesday.

    1. Hi Rhonda! So sorry to miss you and all our loyal customers. The new Blacksburg market was a very nice experience, and I think you will like it (if you are able to visit Wednesday). It also is a good way for us to establish a stand in our home town. Though Radford is our new home, being in Blacksburg lets my family be involved with our business (my dad worked the stand with me on Saturday, a great experience) and gets them interacting with the community. Given the recent write-up in The Burgs, I am anxious to know the future of this wonderful new market. It is such a shame when local governments do not support their local growers and small businesses. Certainly, the public seemed pleased to have this market. I hope that there is a positive resolution.

  2. We do Blacksburg once a month, and am still sharing a vehicle, so going to be hit or miss on where I can travel. Glad you are doing good with the new market, hope we can make it sometimes.

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