Sunday luncheon with family

We had a wonderful Sunday afternoon with family and our four-legged friends. Despite a pattern of wicked midday thunderstorms (yesterday, we lost power and all of the corn was flattened), we enjoyed some delicious food, wine and cheer. Good wine paired with delicious cheese and crackers were our start.

Here are some fresh goodies from the garden that were used to make raw beet salad (chioggia, red ace, bulls blood and golden beets) and were added to the zesty vinegar coleslaw (atomic red, purple dragon, yellow pak, sugarsnax and imperator carrots) to go with fresh sliced cucumbers in fresh dill with diced garden onions, steamed beet greens, BBQ beef back ribs, grilled thick cut pork chops, all chased with luscious ripe peaches and homemade tapioca pudding that Marge made. Mmmm good. I will be posting the BBQ rib recipe soon.

20130721-215051.jpg 20130721-215107.jpg 20130721-215118.jpg

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