Some random farm pictures

Just to catch up on a couple of weeks worth of random farm pictures. Nothing fancy. Just happenings and goings on or cool things or just becauses… here it goes.

Where's Waldo
Where’s Waldo

A little (actually a stout) frog that I scooted out of the way so the dogs wouldn’t notice him.


We’ve see quite a few of these in the pasture. This guy was on our driveway. About the size of a grapefruit, albeit an oval one. Its shell was perfectly smooth. Suspect they are females out laying eggs. Not sure. Didn’t want to disturb it to find out.

Honey bee
Honey bee

It was hard to capture these gals. Working near the asparagus bead is a noisy job these days. The honey bees are going nuts over the asparagus flowers! The fronds literally buzz! The bees are gathering a near fluorescent orange pollen. Can you find her among the tiny blossoms?


This photo is of my leetle friend. He awaits my other friend’s arrival so that we can carve out a time to have a super fun birthday par-tay! It is some milestone birthday….but we won’t mention which. He waits patiently. He likes long walks on the beach, classic literature and pretty sunsets. Don’t you just love him?


This photo just happened. We let our pasture go this season without mowing it at the request of our neighbor who wanted to collect hay for his cattle. I got a bit antsy as the grass got taller, flowered, went to seed, and was maturing while others in the area had already cut and baled theirs. BUT, our neighbor came earlier this week and mowed it. We had days without rain, and Friday he worked hard and got it all baled. I love hay bales. There is something magical about them. In Scotland, they formed huge rectangular bales that were the size of a shipping container. Massive and stately. These looked very nice out in our field…especially this one at sunset.





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